Concurrent Sessions: L3 - Theory of Thinking: Logic - Florez R. Jorge Alejandro (Colombia) - Wesoly Marian (Poland) - Latinov Evgeni (Bulgaria) - Baryshnikov Pavel (Russia)

Florez R. Jorge Alejandro (Colombia) - Ēepagōgē legetai pollachōs: Aristotle's analogous concept of induction
Wesoly Marian (Poland) - Towards a reconstruction of Aristotle’s lost diagrams of the syllogistic figures
Latinov Evgeni (Bulgaria) - Aristotle and Zeno’s paradoxes
Baryshnikov Pavel (Russia) - Substance, Name and Thing in Aristotle’s Ontology


Concurrent Sessions: K3 - Theory of Thinking: Logic - Olshewsky Thomas (USA) - Jetli Priyedarshi (India) - Campbell Jean (USA) - Mendelsohn Joshua (USA)

Olshewsky Thomas (USA) - Grasping the starting-point of knowledge in Posterior Analytics 2.19
Jetli Priyedarshi (India) - Two Types of Deduction in the Prior Analytics: Why Mathematical Logic is Limited and does not Encompass Philosophy
Campbell Jean (USA) - Looking back at Aristotle through the prism of Logic's Evolution
Mendelsohn Joshua (USA) - Epagōgē and syllogismos in Posterior Analytics Α1 and Prior
Analytics Β23