International Symposium:"Aristotle's Dynamic Model of Nature. An Interdisciplinary Approach", Tuesday May 9, 2017



Aristotle’s Dynamic Model of Nature.

An Interdisciplinary Approach 

The “Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies,” A.U.Th. (DIKAM), in the context of the celebration in 2016 of Aristotle’s Anniversary year, is organizing an International Symposium on “Aristotle’s Dynamic Model of Nature. An Interdisciplinary Approach.”

Aristotle is the philosopher, whose work spreads over an amazing range of topics, covering all major branches of Philosophy such as Logic, Metaphysics, Political-Moral Philosophy, Rhetoric, and extending in an impressive way into areas related to all basic scientific fields, such as Humanities, Law and Political Science, Physics and Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Health Sciences and even Technological Sciences.

The Programme of the Symposium includes lectures by Gottfried Heinemann, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Kassel (Germany)-Honorary Member of the Scientific Committee of DIKAM, Ennio De Bellis, Assistant Professor of History of Philosophy, University of Solermo (Italy), Demetra Sfendoni-Mentzou, Professor Emerita of Philosophy of Science-President of DIKAM, John Seiradakis, Professor of Astrophysics-Vice-President of DIKAM, and the Scientific Collaborators of DIKAM, Doctors of Philosophy, Christina Papachristou, Christos Pechlivanidis, Dimitra Balla.

The Symposium is organized on the occasion of the visit to the “Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies,” A.U.Th., of a group of students of Philosophy/University of Amsterdam.

Please, find attached: The Programme of the Symposium and the Poster. 

You can watch the International Symposium here.