2nd "International Colloquium on Aristotle", November 2013-June 2014

The "Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies", after the successful series of lectures and events held during the last academic year (2012-13), continues this year’s activities by organizing events that include, among others, the 2nd circle of the "International Colloquium on Aristotle”, with invited speakers from England, Italy, Spain, USA and Greece, who specialize in Aristotle.
The objective of the "International Colloquium on Aristotle” is an in-depth investigation of various aspects of Aristotle’s philosophy by Aristotle scholars as well and scientists, who have a special interest in Aristotle. Issues in the fields of Logic, Metaphysics, Theology, Ethics and Political Philosophy, Economy, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Meteorology, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Science, are being analyzed, aiming—among other things—to illuminate the conceptual relationship of Aristotle’s philosophy with the new ideas emerging in Philosophy and in scientific thought.
Admission is free to the public. 
Christina Papachristou, Postdoctoral Fellow, European Research Programme ''THALES''
Christos Pechlivanids, Postdoctoral Fellow, European Research Programme ''THALES''
Dimitra Balla, Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, A.U.Th.
Tasos Zisis, Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, A.U.Th.
Maria Kehagia, Postgraduate student in Philosophy, A.U.Th.
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